Why We're Unique


At Land Design Insurance Group It's Spring all year long

Land Design Insurance Group continues to SPRING the great news to all surveyors and civil engineers and explain why, in our established territories, we're the #1 choice of surveyors and civil engineers:

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Don’t Subsidize (i.e. “SPRING for”) the Claims of Others

Our professional liability coverage insures only your industry. Therefore you will not pay higher premiums to subsidize (i.e. “SPRING for”) the expensive claims caused by other design professionals like architects, structural engineers, and geotechnical engineers.

By underwriting surveyors and civil engineers only, we are able to consistently charge lower premiums than other carriers, and promptly deliver these quotes with fewer underwriting / application questions. Send over your most recently completed application and we’ll quickly tell you an appropriate premium.

We SPRING for Defense Costs Outside of the Policy Limits

In the event of a claim, lawyer fees and court costs can drastically reduce your professional liability limits. Our program pays these costs outside of the policy limits, leaving your policy with greater funds to pay out any claims.

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What Keeps the SPRING in our Step?

Our program is not available in all states, due to their litigious nature and poor claims experience. In order to keep the SPRING in our step, our program purposely avoids those jurisdictions.

One Insurance Program to SPRING for your Claims

In addition to Professional Liability, we insure all lines of coverage (general liability, auto, property/field/computer equipment, umbrella, crime, valuable papers and workers compensation), so you gain comfort knowing there is a single carrier / insurance program who is accountable and will “SPRING for” the claims.

Our Specialists are Ready to SPRING into Action

At your option, we can deliver our insurance program with the support of selected local independent insurance agents, headquartered in your home state who can SPRING over to your office to meet face to face, review exposures, and provide expert advice. This service is essential to your continued success, i.e. prompt issuance of certificates of insurance, insightful contract reviews, loss control services, continuing education seminars, advice on business perpetuation, etc.

For a complete explanation of how our dedicated insurance program can serve you, please click here

The Advantage of Renewing Insurance in the SPRING

We know that your cash flow is typically strongest during warmer months, so your agent can work with LDIG to determine whether resetting all insurance coverage to a concurrent SPRING effective date is best for you. A SPRING effective date for all lines of insurance will maximize efficiency, deliver competitive professional liability premium, and allow for premium payments (in most cases up to 10 installments, without finance charges) during the SPRING, summer, and fall when cash flow is strongest. Please contact us today to determine if resetting your effective dates can help.

The History of the Program - SPRINGING to Life in 1982

LDIG’s unique program SPRANG to life in 1982 when the Maryland based Klein Agency sat down with Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company to develop a comprehensive insurance program designed to meet the specific needs of land surveyors and civil engineers. Shortly after inception, the Klein Agency and its Fireman’s Fund program earned the endorsement of multiple state surveyor associations throughout the expanded Middle Atlantic region. Almost 30 years, and more than 700 satisfied customers later, this program is expanding its reach.

Now trading as the Land Design Insurance Group, it is available to firms throughout the Midwest and selected states in the East and Southeast. To support its expansion, you decide how the LDIG program can earn your business. Access is available by:

  1. working directly with LDIG’s expertly trained staff,
  2. through a highly qualified insurance agency LDIG has pre-qualified in each state,

  3. with the support of your current insurance agent

These options may vary by state, for additional information, please click here

A Surveyor/Civil Engineering Client (with policy limits of $1,000,000 each claim / $1,000,000 aggregate; $10,000 deductible) was named in a suit, with Fireman’s Fund as the insurance carrier. The plaintiff originally sued the Client for damages in excess of $1,000,000. This was a messy case and was aggressively defended for 3 years at which point the Client was forced to settle and pay damages of $825,000. Fireman’s Fund made this $825,000 payment on the Client’s behalf. Total defense costs and legal bills in this case were $438,223 (before applying the $10,000 deductible which the Client paid).

Since defense costs are outside the limits of liability with Fireman’s Fund, Client was only responsible for the $10,000 deductible; and the available aggregate limit of liability for the remainder of the policy year was $175,000.

With other insurance carriers, the same Client would have suffered a total loss (exclusive of its insurance carrier) of $263,223. The indemnity payment ($825,000) plus legal fees ($438,223) exceeded the $1,000,000 coverage limits and the carrier’s obligation ceases when total payments reach policy limits. Client would be forced to pay the final $263,223 of the settlement payment and all coverage limits would be exhausted for the remainder of the policy term. Ouch!

You Choose how to Connect with LDIG!

Option 1: Direct contact with our professional staff. Backed by multiple state society endorsements and 30+ years of specialty focus on land surveyors and civil engineers, the Klein Agency (parent company of LDIG) works DIRECTLY with more than 600 clients across the LDIG territory. This option is the most efficient as it provides direct access to our professional staff and allows us to provide quotes from multiple carriers.
Multiple carrier quotes are typically not available through Options 2 or 3

Option 2: Choose from one of LDIG’s hand selected local agents. We know surveyors and civil engineers conduct business face to face and grow their business one satisfied local client at a time. The agents selected by Land Design Insurance Group in your state are proven specialists and are committed to this same strategy. Please call or send us an email through our Contact Us page and we’ll provide you with the name of the local specialty agent(s) who serve your home state.

Option 3: Connect us with your current insurance agent. In most cases, LDIG can work with your current insurance agent to develop quotes and your current agent will remain involved in the entire process. If this is your preference, please have your current agent contact us or provide us with your agent’s contact information and we’ll contact them on your behalf.
This option is currently not available in MD, DE, NJ, PA, or VA

Land Design Insurance Group cannot wait to start earning your business, please contact us today