Laser focused on Land Surveyors. Can your current provider say that?

Since surveyors are typically grouped together with architects, engineers, and other design professionals and are insured through the same policy forms as these other disciplines, many agents, even specialist agents, believe that they intrinsically understand surveyors’ insurance needs. But do they?

At LDIG, surveyors are more than an afterthought – they’re our focus. For example: we know the variety of surveying services differs by firm and we recognize that in many states, the scope of a professional land surveyor’s license allows you to lead clients through a subdivision / land development project in addition to providing traditional surveying services, and this allows us to obtain lower premium charges from our partner professional liability carriers, even for firms actively engaged in land development consulting.

We also realize that your contracts differ from those typically used by other professional service providers and that exhaustive formal agreements are often unnecessary and impractical. We work closely with our underwriters to help ensure that you are not penalized for the types of contracts you use and will take the time to help you improve your contracts or incorporate certain provisions into your agreements that can help lower insurance premiums and reduce risk.